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Save the Date: André Cepeda | RASGO


12/01/2017 @ 22:00 - 01:00


22:00 - 01:00


Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art

We have the pleasure to announce our following opening _ the first from 2017, the exhibition RAGO by André Cepeda, at Cristina Guerra’s Gallery, Thursday 12 January, 10 pm.

“(…) ‘Depois’ and RASGO are different projects; what they have in common is that they represent not strictly the city, but André Cepeda’s point of view, and indeed his subjective vision of the city. For him, photography consists invariably in showing “how the artist looks, how he frames reality”. In this case, we are looking at a lower point of view which could coincide with one of a street dog or a coyote. There is, in this sense, a certain performative intention in this photographic experience: the attempt to try to influence, dialectically, the represented reality. We are confronted with the absence of figures, and the presence of the artist himself and his peculiar interaction with space, that he “humanises”. ? Maybe it would be more appropriate to say “animalises”? The title RASGO, suggests an action or a violent gesture, aggressive (scratch, brake), seems to confirm this impression.

Finally, the exhibition constitutes another step in Cepeda’s career, investigating the possibility of “installed” photography. This is a resource he started testing June, at Fridman Gallery in New York, that he repeats in this project with Cristina Guerra. The enigmatic paper cylinder that, like a small and brilliant sky-scraper, redefines the space of the first room, as an important element, also in this occasion, since it speaks about the relation between image and its materiality and corporality. Which is, basically, the subject that unifies all the images and André Cepeda´s experience in New York: the research of “real” and human scale, in a context, as Jean Baudrillard pointed, in his book América (1986), it tends to artifice, simulation and show.”

Pedro de Llano, 2017

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